SmartCabinet is specialist software dedicated to cabinet

The absolute peculiarity of SmartCabinet lies in the fact that it is the only system in the world capable of taking care of cabinets and windows/doors in a homogeneous and integrated way, from the quote to delivery.
Unlike other solutions created in the office, SmartCabinet was born from direct contact with artisan joineries, to better respond to a world in constant evolution, which requires managing daily life in a sly, concrete, fast, intuitive and therefore ... SMART way.

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Why is SmartCabinet the best solution for you?

SmartCabinet software
SmartCabinet takes care of every department of your joinery from quote to delivery.
SmartCabinet software
Plugin for windows
You can manage both cabinets and windows/doors in a homogeneous and integrated way.
SmartCabinet software
Daily work
Few dozens of seconds to get a tailor-made parametric project, complete with all the information to produce it, but also to show it to your customer.
SmartCabinet software
CNC machine management
You will directly pilot every type of CNC machine (recent and not), thanks to our experience of over 20 years (also 5-axis workings)
SmartCabinet software
You can insert, modify, copy projects, prints, parameterize carvings/borings autonomously and export detailed 3D models to other software.
SmartCabinet software
You can automate your company step by step, we could grow together to become a real Joinery 4.0.
SmartCabinet software
Ultra-modern user-friendly interface, the result of research to ensure immediate and intuitive use and achieve results with the least number of clicks.
SmartCabinet software
Few frills
SmartCabinet was not born in an office, it was born in the joinery, in close contact with real needs, to obtain everyday objects in an agile way (trapezoids, carvings ...)
SmartCabinet software
Purchase experience
Offer your customers enchanting three-dimensional navigable environments, where they can immerse themselves, play and start dreaming about your proposals.
SmartCabinet software
Stop support contract
No obligation, a prepaid package of hours with no time expiration.